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Sandra Grosberga

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Sandra Grosberga, Elite

Class: D21

Age: 22

Goal 2018
Qualifying for both EOC and WOC sprint distances and running into final.

Senior merits
1st place Latvian championship sprint 2014
2nd place Latvian championship middle 2015
2nd place Latvian championship ultralong 2015

1st place LCh relay 2012
2nd place LCh relay 2014
3rd place Lch relay 2013 and 2015

Relay merits
87th place 10Mila 2015
90th place Venla 2015

Junior merits
12th place JWOC sprint 2015
20th place JWOC middle 2015
22nd place JWOC long distance 2015

3rd place EYOC sprint 2011

Previous clubs
Ärla IF


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